About Us


Where sophistication & excellence are standard practice.

If you could take the most sophisticated and stylish london hair salon and transport it into a relaxing part of Cornwall, everyone who’s anyone would want to go there. No tubes, no crowds, no waiting lists!


That’s what inspired our founders, Matt and John Hills, to create Yoshimi a five-star hair, health and beauty spa that offers everything you’d expect from its most exclusive London rivals … except the 500-mile round trip.


We’re here to pamper you from top to toe, literally, with a menu of indulgences that’s so tempting it shouldn’t be allowed! Everything you need to be the new you is right here, in the lap of luxury, at Yoshimi. Welcome.

Meet Our Expert Stylists


There are 4 directors, 3 stylists and 2 graduates here at Yoshimi, all with a very high standard of hairdressing. Here’s just a few of them…



Jamie - Yoshimi